School’s Rules

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Better School, Better Students

Better Students, Better Citizens

Better Citizens, Better Nation

Better Nations, Better World

School Pledge/Promise

I am respectful: Be as if you are likely to be respected I am responsible: Don’t be problem seeker but problem shooter I am ready: Now not then Nepal is my country and all the Nepalese are my brothers and sisters. I have my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always try to be worthy of it. I shall always respect my parents, teachers, elders and love all my juniors and treat everyone with courtesy. I pledge my service and devotion to my country Nepal and my happiness lies in the well-being of my fellow citizens.

Rules on the Bus Timing

Students must be at their respective bus stops at the assigned time. Changing of bus stops or bus routes or changing of bus timing is strictly prohibited. The approval of both the Principal and the Commandant is needed if at times for genuine reasons any changes have to be made. Dress Up Only the students wearing proper school uniform should ride the bus on normal school days. Manners Students must be in the queue while waiting for the bus, getting in and getting off the bus. Students must not make noise on the bus. Only the student having a bus permit can ride the bus. No relatives and other people can ride the bus without the permission of concerned bus teacher. Students must not request to stop the bus for buying anything on the way. Senior students must arrange seats for the junior ones. No students are allowed to eat anything in the bus. While in the bus, students must conduct themselves in a quiet and courteous manner, showing consideration for the comfort and safety of others. While the bus is in motion, bus users must not extend arms or heads out of windows, or try to get on or off the bus, or move, about inside the bus. Publishing, fighting, and the use of obscene language or sign language in the bus are prohibited. Teasing verbally or making signs to people outside the bus, throwing anything out of the bus- windows, and spitting are strictly prohibited. Students should not talk to the driver and insist on playing audio, Player while driving.

Important Reminders

Use of English Language is compulsory not only in the school but in the buses too. Students must regard the school bus as their own property and be attentive for it’s safety. Students should be careful of their own safety while getting off the bus and crossing the roads. Students must not try to touch or move any part of the engine even if the bus is not in the motion. Any intentional damage will be changed with double of the installation price.

Rules for Driver:-

The drivers of their respective buses must be punctual and should drive the buses awarding to the timetable. The drivers are expected to park the buses to the particular parking area and take care of the buses. Any damage to bus or accident due to driver negligence will be taken seriously and acted on by the law. The required servicing cleanliness and maintenance of vehicles should be conducted in the proper time. Any problems to the vehicles should be informed to the school administration immediately so that the administration can manage the substitution provision. Drivers must drive the vehicles patiently and in a sound and safe speed. Drivers must not establish any intimal and close relationship with students and let them interface with the engine. The drivers must deposit the keys of the vehicles to the school administration in case of any absence due to emergency and inevitable affairs. Students must hold patience and maintain peace during any school any mechanical or technical problem in the bus and accept any substitution provision without any arguments. Note: Teachers and bus staffs riding the buses are the main responsible persons to watch the students’ activities, manners and safety in the buses.


The boarders must follow all the rules set for implementation in the Mess; they are to believe as if they are in their own house. The boarders should strictly follow Code of Conduct for students pasted on the hostel notice board. The boarders should follow summer and winter routines. The boarders must require an approved gate pass for any kind of outing. The boarders are not allowed to keep any kind of electrical goods, gadgets and musical instruments of any kind prohibited by the school. The boarders should take care of their belongings. The School will not be responsible for any loss of property due to their negligence. Students shall not keep money or other valuable items in their rooms. However, they can hand over such items to the House Master for safe custody. Each room is equipped with all basic comforts. The students are instructed to handle the furniture and other installations with care. If there is breakage or damage, the students is liable to pay a double the cost of the material damaged with installation charges. The mess timings and rules must be strictly followed. If not, they will not be allowed to take their food. Silence must be maintained in the Hostel and in the mess. The boarders are not allowed to cook meals in their hostel and outside food shall not be brought into hostel premises. No students will be allowed to carry food to the rooms. Food, crockery, glasses, cutlery, etc., belonging to Hostel should not be taken out of the dining hall without prior permission of the concerned authority. Hostel staff will be responsible for taking food to sick students who are bedridden in the Hostel. Doctors/ Medical Assistant needs to certify such permission. Students are not allowed to invite any opposite sex fellow and other friends without prior permission and information. Students are not allowed to entertain guests/parents in their rooms. No visitors of any description are allowed to spend a night in the hostel. Boarders are not allowed to go for outing without the genuine cause, and need to be accompanied by their parents. Parents must inform the administration or the Hostel Superintendent before meeting their children. All the boarders should protect and help protect the property in the Hostel, and anyone involved in the damaged and vandalism of the assets will be duly fined. No illegal drugs or firearms shall be stored and/ or consumed in hostel and in School in general. Liquor is prohibited in the Hostel. Smoking, chewing tobacco, consuming alcoholic drinks or any other intoxicating drugs etc. are strictly prohibited and strong actions will be taken against those who are involved in such practices. Collective fines will be imposed on the students of the concerned House if damaged is caused to the installation in the common bathrooms, toilets, recreation rooms, etc. Hostel rooms and toilets must be kept clean and tidy. Photographs, pictures writing etc. shall not be pasted or displayed on the walls of the room and toilets. Boards shall not conduct group meeting, circulate unwanted books, pamphlets and papers and conduct parties or get together inside the hostel premises. The Students are prohibited from: Unlawful assembly inside the hostel or the School. Forming any union; Collecting funds; Making any notification on the hostel notice board; and Directly or indirectly taking part in any social or political gatherings Celebrating any kinds of party. The boarders of a particular house must take prior permission of the House Master to enter the other houses; students are not allowed to go to the hostel during class and study hours without permission. Bullying and ragging of any kind are prohibited; Ragging is an offence by law. Any activity of the boarders observed to be prejudicial and detrimental to the smooth and peaceful functioning of the hostel will be viewed seriously by the Hostel authority and disciplinary action will be taken against those found guilty No students will be allowed to carry their parents to the rooms without the permission of hostels superintendent. Breach of discipline in the hostel will be strictly dealt with and following disciplinary actions will be taken Verbal or written warning. Suspension up to 2 weeks. Expulsion from the School. Apart from the above mentioned rules, internal committee of the School enjoys to take action against any acts that will be considered as breach of discipline. Rules and Regulations for Coaching class of Hostel Each period in the morning coaching class should be at least of 45 minutes. In the evening class the first period (45 min) is of coaching period and rest time 20 for homework. All the teachers will have to be present in their concerned class before the 1st bell rings, Teachers must inform the hostel superintendent one day earlier if they need to take leave due to any emergency causes. The teachers need to conduct monthly test in their concerned. Note: – Apart from the above mentioned hostel rules, internal committee of the School enjoys authority to take action against any acts that will be considered as breach of discipline. Sports and Entertainment Rules Sports and P.T are compulsory for all boarders and they must report in crime during P.T and sports hours. The time table of the p.t will be pasted on the notice board. The students should strictly follow the code of conduct set for them in the paly ground and adjoining areas. The students are supposed to play the games only during the sports hours and in assigned hours on holidays. No boarders are allowed to stay in the hostel during sports and P.T hours. They may stay in the medical room on the recommendation of doctor/medical assistant. The housemaster and Guruba should ensure that all the students should be ensured that they are punctual while going to the ground and returning to the house. All students should play the games only in the assigned areas under the supervision of sports Teacher and Guruba. The Students must be in the assigned areas during the sport and P.T times. They must handle the sports and materials properly and help protect the sports goods. Any unintentional damage should be informed immediately to the concerned authority. Bullying and ragging of any kind and verbal abuse are strictly prohibited in the playground. All the students must communicate in English while being in the paly ground. Collective or individual fines will be imposed on the students if damaged is caused to sports and playing materials. All the students must behave in exemplary manner, and obey the commands of all physical instructors and coaches properly. Special coaching will be given only to the selected students on the basis of their choice preference and skill. P.T and sports will remain suspended only during the terminal and final examination as per orders of the concerned authority. P.T and sports will remain suspended if the weather is unfavorable. No internal or external games or activities can be organized by the students without a prior permission from the concerned authority. Boarders are allowed to watch T.V only following the time table. Any kind of unwanted activities are strictly prohibited in and around the playing areas. Any students violating the rules will be strictly dealt with and following disciplinary actions will be taken. Verbal or written warning may be given Suspension from taking part in games up to one week with other punishments. Reporting the Principle and commandant of the school for the further action. Expectations from Students It is understood that when a student enrolls in our school, he/she and his/her parents agree to conform to its procedures and comply with its rules. Be responsible for their own behavior by being regular and punctual in attendance; Maintain habits of personal cleanliness; Show respect towards adults; Display desirable attitudes and moral standards; Make a sincere effort to others; Value the opinions of others; Accept the duties of membership in a democratic group; Contribute positively to the creation and maintenance of a climate that is conductive to learning; Respect the rights of other students in the classroom; Participate in school activities and maintain the decorum of the class; Take care of school and personal property; Cooperate with pupils who have been delegated responsibilities. Attend school regularly; be obedient to adults and courteous in behavior. They should be neatly dressed and should follow the rules and regulations of the school; Speak in English in the school premises; Wear proper school uniform. They should not wear jewelry or make up in school; Complete their assignments, participate in classroom activities and perform to the best of their ability; They must not conduct any activities which appear harmful and embarrassing for themselves and for the school name and prestige. Students are expected to complete assignments, participate in classroom activities, and perform to their ability on a consistent basis. Expectations from Parents Parents should ensure that their wards all school rules and regulations. They should make sure that their ward does the homework regularly. The School dairy should be checked and signed every day. They should see to it that their wards read story books, newspapers, and learn their lessons. Parents are strictly forbidden to enter any classroom or meet any teacher during school hours without the permission from the school office. Parents are advised to meet the class teacher and subject teachers only on days report cards are distributed. They should meet the Head Teacher whenever there is a problem of any kind. They should come personally to collect their ward’s Progress Report on the Report Card Distribution Days. They should respond promptly to complaint letters issued by the school authorities. They should ensure that all text books and exercise books are covered with brown paper, in good condition and brought to school according to the time table. If parents want their wards to participate in school functions, they should cooperate with the school authorities; and make arrangements to reach their wards to school and pick them up. As more time is required for practice, delays if any should be borne with patience. It is also the moral duty of parents to see that their wards do not drop out at the last minute. Suggestions and voluntary services are always appreciated from the parents. Parents/ Guardians must supervise their child’s studies at home. Parents who have complaints, suggestions or recommendation, prior information is must to meet the principal, the commandant and other concerned personalities and discuss their complaints or suggestion. The School does not expect and accepted parents’ interference in the actions taken against the students whose progress in Studies seems to unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful or immoral to others. The school discourages the parents request for their words – class jump or upgrade of the students. School provides the best possible attention to the students and takes every precaution to present accidents. However, if any accident does take place beyond school premise, the school cannot be held responsible for it. Parents must have informed the school about any abnormalities, peculiarities and allergies of their words. Parents must be sure that their words are in proper school dress, have kept tiffin, water – bottle books according to time table and are free from any sickness before they leave for school Parents are supposed to check and overview their wards homework, dairy, Progress report card and Annual exam mark sheet and arrange the remedial provisions for their harmonious and overall progress. Important Rules Parents are not permitted to enter into correspondence with other members of the staff. The Principal can, in the interest of the school, without assigning any reason can ask a parent to remove a boy/girl, at or previous to the end of the current term, should the boy’s/girl’s conduct, behavior or influence, in the school’s opinion, be in any way detrimental to the principles of the school or should he/ she seem unable or unwilling to profit by the educational advantages the school offers. The school is at liberty to alter, add to or repeal any regulation in the prospectus/ diary. However, the school shall inform parents/ guardians of such changes. The school takes every precaution to ensure the safety of the children. However, the school will not be liable for any damages/ charges/ costs on account of accidents in school, or while on excursions or other activities. Parents who have any complaints, suggestions or recommendations to make are free to meet the Principal and discuss their complaints or suggestions. Interviews with the Principal should be arranged by letter, as it is frequently impossible for the Principal to interview parents who have not previously made any appointment to see h. The School reserves the right to suspend students whose progress in studies is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students. Parents and guardians of all students should contact the teachers on report card distribution days to note the progress of their wards. Students should get their Report Cards signed by their Parents/Guardians within two days of receipt of the Report Cards. The name, class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all the belongings of the students. Water bottles, blazers and jerseys should also bear the names of the student. A child who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/ her studies in the school. Late comers, uniform defaulters and children who do not do their homework regularly will be sent home. A student who uses unfair means during tests will be given zero in the subject and a warning letter. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal. Students will be fined if they lose or mutilate any book taken from library. In such cases the fine determined by the librarian and charged on the bill. Students may be expelled from school if they are found to be involved in unacceptable activities inside the school premises such as, smoking, possessing drugs or weapons, misbehaving with teachers, using unfair means in the exam, skipping classes etc. Parents must ensure that their children are given substantial tiffin before they come to school. The school provides the best possible attention to all the students. It takes every precaution to prevent accidents. However, if any accident does take place, the school cannot be held responsible for it. Students are strongly discouraged to miss classes immediately before or after long vacations e.g. Dashain/ Tihar vacation and summer vacation. This prospectus must be read carefully before completing the admission procedure. Submission of the duly filled admission from indicates a parent’s/ Guardian’s acceptance of school rules and policies. It shows a parent’s/ guardian’s acceptance of school rules and policies. It shows a parent’s/ guardian’s willingness to abide by the rules and regulations of the school. General Rules for Residential Students Parents are requested to send the complete set of uniforms and other items of clothing as mentioned in the prospectus. Every item of clothing should have a name tag stitched on to it. Where this is not possible, as in the case of shoes, the child’s name should be written in indelible ‘marker’ ink. Children are not allowed to wear clothes that are short, faded, worn out or shabby. Uniforms should be in very good condition or new. Parents can provide Rs. 20/- per month as pocket money to their wards. Any extra money found in any child’s possession will be confiscated. Parents are therefore requested not to give the child any extra money or food. Parents are requested to note that they may visit their wards only on the visiting days mentioned in the calendar between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Students may go home on visiting days only between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Students going home on visiting days should return to school on the reporting days or on the day the school reopens before 7:00 p.m. Proper school uniform should be worn, both when going home and returning to the school. Children are not allowed to take home or bring to school, any clothes, when going home for weekends. Authorized Guardians of the child will only be allowed to visit the child or take him/ her on holiday. Parents coming to collect their children for the weekend should:- Collect their child’s report card. Pay the fees for the month (in advance). Parents who have any complaints, suggestions or recommendations to make regarding their children’s health, the food in the school, their children’s performance in studies or anything else, are free to meet the concerned teachers or the Principal and discuss their complaints or suggestions. Students must have passed the class immediately below the one for which admission is sought. This, however, does not apply to those seeking admission to the Nursery class or (Prep.1) Admission will be confirmed only after the selected child’s fees and other charges have been paid within the stipulated time, and acknowledged. For a child who has been to school previously and is attending this school for the first time, a transfer certificate from the previous school must be furnished before joining school. Registration forms and the prospectus are available at the school office. The school has also a provision for on- the- spot admission for the students of classes Nursery to 2. If a child fulfills the requirements of the school, the child can be admitted on the very day their parents/ guardians fill up the Registration form. Should the Admission Officer be preoccupied on a particular day, the child can be admitted on the day convenient to parents/ guardians as well as the Admission Office. To provide education to the students. To unfold the inner potential of children. To make the child creative and innovative. To provide child – centric education. To develop the personality of a child. To popularize computer education and information technology. To enable children to use English for communication with the outside world. To provide equal opportunities to both the genders. To create an awareness among students about preservation of the environment and culture, the danger of drugs and the need for good health. To prepare children for complete living. To bring about qualitative improvement in education so that the standards achieved are adequate. To achieve excellence in academics. To establish a healthy relationship between the various agencies of education i.e. the school, the family and the Society. To expand education facilities broadly on the basis of manpower needs. To provide value- based education to build up character. To provide education to help pupils ac quire useful knowledge and culture. To prepare individuals for the society. To provide education in order to relate it to life, needs and aspirations of the country. To organized students- exchange programs for more interaction between students. To instill leadership qualities in students. Attendance Policies Students are not allowed to leave the school compound for any reasons unless they have prior permission from the Head Teacher concerned. For special permission to leave school early due to medical appointments, written requests should reach the Head Teacher before the commencement of classes on a particular day. Any student who is absent for more than 5% of the total number of working days in a Term may not be eligible to take the tests or exams for that term. These include excused as well as unexcused absences. Special provisions can be made for students with a prolonged illness. A medical certificate must be produced before the child returns to the school. Students must submit letters of absence to their Head Teacher before they resume their classes. The letters should clearly state the reason for absence. If a student continues to be absent for more than a week without giving information to the Head Teacher, his/her name will be struck off the rolls, and the student has to be readmitted. The school will not arrange special tests or exams missed due to absence. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence and habitual late coming and objectionable behavior of any kind may result in the removal of a boy/ girl from the school. General Rules for Conduct and Discipline School reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action for activities considered detrimental to the welfare of the school. The following are considered to be major breaches of school rules:- Repeated violation of school rules. Vandalism or theft of school of others. Endangering the safety of others. Fighting, bullying, harassing or threatening a fellow student. Disregard for school or personal property. (Students have to pay a heavy fine if they cause damage to school property.) Smoking, Chewing tobacco, Gutakha, chewing gum etc. Cheating, lying, or other forms of unethical or immoral acts. Leaving the school compound without permission. Habitual late coming. Absence from school without any information. Causing a disruption or disturbance to the school environment. Discourteous or disrespectful behavior. Obscenity of any kind. Physical assault of any kind. Use of abusive or rude language. Dishonesty of any kind. Taking photographs without permission is not allowed. Bringing camera, Video camera, Mobile phone and other restricted materials in the school. Trespassing, plucking flowers, breaking branches of tress in the garden. Driving motor bike in the field, parking vehicles in no parking area. Repeated negligence of wearing proper school dress and of punctuality. Code of Conduct Cheating can be defined as an act intended to deceive. It is not only dishonest and morally wrong but also gives a false impression of a student’s and makes assessment of a student’s work impossible. For these reasons, cheating of any kind is not being tolerated. The school believes that integrity is more important than academic excellence. It reserves the right to penalize students who use unfair means. Students found cheating in exams, tests, homework are given the lowest grade. They are immediately sent to the principal and their parents are informed about this serious breach of academic integrity. Students may either be suspended or expelled from school if they are found using unfair means. Language policy English is the medium of instruction, as fluent English is usually a basic requirement for admission the center of higher education. It gives access to modern knowledge not readily available in Nepali. It is an easy means of communication in the international sphere of life. It is a language which can be easily understood in different parts of the world. With the growth of trade and commerce, it has spread across the length and breadth of the whole world. At present it has become a language of universal culture and embraces various departments of knowledge. English is the language of diplomacy and it contains many a rich literacy treasure; it gives us an introduction to western thought and culture. Beside English which is the medium of instruction, the school emphasizes on Nepali. Nepali is given its due importance. Certain subjects such as social science are taught in Nepali. Many co- curricular activities are also done in Nepali.