Principal Message

I am pleased to welcome you all to NPS, Garuda, Rautahat, the selective institution with due history of providing exceptional educational outcomes and opportunities since 2058 B.S

Hence, I am in line to fix firmly the knot with the school to propagate the seeds of integrity for educational execution, to furnish a good learning exposure having the blend of intelligence and character which will enable the rose buds to bloom into blossoms with more vibrant colors of its eye-catching canvas. In this era of advancement in technology and globalization, the need of the hour is to march our children ahead with the essence of ethics and principles which are hallmark of the saturation of virgin Nepalese ethos.

NPS continues to upload the functional values while adopting contemporary pedagogy entering the portal of school and stay together as a single family. We march our children ahead with NPS ethos and living values to showcase the myriad of an action and achievement that we have undertaken is highly appreciable. Of course, learning is not bounded to school and colleges only nor does it end with the one’s school/college career and it is beyond that and school should upload the holistic configuration of the child having something to live for bringing out the best in them.

As all we know the needs of the society are fast changing. What is trend today becomes history tomorrow. At NPS Garuda, Rautahat, we are vigorous enough to meet the changing needs of education system, thereby fine-tuning education to perfection.

NPS Garuda, Rautahat is the mouthpiece of an opportunity with guided escorting to each individual develops and evolves. To find success and fulfilment in their own lives, children must be given the options that inhabit the world around them, not just the system they are working in and we are here for the same execution.

It is my vision to provide the world with inspired, responsible and disciplined youth to shape a better future. I believe this can be achieved by strengthening their foundation upon which they can create a successful future for themselves and the society around them.

Guided by these virtues, we run our programs, keeping in mind the potential of child and a way to identify the inherent potentials of child to nurture it. Our school offers spectrum of activities leading to multiple experiences and enrichment of students. Each of these activities is like the beads of a rosary, tied to a common thread of trust and excellence.


Bina Jha

NPS Garuda, Rautahat