Message from the Desk of Commandant

It is a matter of great pleasure to welcome you to Nepal Police School, Garuda, Rautahat with hope to scrutinize through the contents plugged in the website. You will dig up a sense of the blooming flower of civilization with the efficient and executive learning environment in this school. Teaching learning is the holy profession and having saying that we are here to serve the community people, the nation in specific and the whole world in general at large. NPS School is not-for profit making institution as all financial surpluses are reinvested to the welfare of the general public in the school itself.

We are passionate about encompassing a ‘learning’ institution that is vibrant and constantly in quest of excellence to meet the needs of the present as well as the future by means of learning from the ethical and values based systems. NPS Rautahat is dedicated to the extensive excellence of a student; which includes academic knowledge, social skills, rational inquisitiveness and a special emphasis is given to find a road for self actualization. With this, we have a diverse group of students and teachers who possess a global perspective of teaching learning comprising mutual understanding, motherly love to children and teachable heart. 

It is our kind dedication to nurture children to be unlocking their dormant potentialities and be prepared their career as a global citizen. In our scheme of things we promote high spectrum of achievement and provide space for our students to flourish. 

As guardians and teacher, it is our commitment to adopt ways and means to sensitize the talents and energy of our students into innovative community building. With this noble sense of spirit, I request all staff, parents and well wishers to stick together hands, head and heart to uplift NPS Rautahat to the privileged outstanding.


Lokendra G.C.

Inspector of Police