Hostel Rules & Regulation

Conduct Expectations No indiscipline shall be tolerated. Proper dress conduct should be maintained according to the school’s prescription. Students are strictly prohibited to possess any sorts of jewelry, electrical or electronic appliances or devices in the hostel and in the school premises. The medium of instruction and communication should be compulsorily in English. Fighting, bullying or calling nicknames are strictly prohibited. Students will not be allowed to meet out comers, parents or guardians except on the prescribed days and time. Students must be liable to follow the instructions and commands given by teachers and staff members. All students of Hostel will endeavor to be honest with each and every member of the school. The whole school staffs must be treated with respect and courtesy through the display of appropriate behavior and speech. Disrespect or threatening language or behavior is strictly prohibited. Participating in fighting in any way as a fighter, spectator or promoter will be penalized. Possession of any narcotic substance is restricted. It may directly lead to rustication. Off-task behavior such as not following directions, horseplay in class, dining hall, and dormitory or in the hallways will be intolerable. Students must maintain peace and silence wherever they are round the clock. School is a common property of all. Therefore, any type of irrational use or intentional destruction of property such as graffiti, vandalism, theft of personal or school property will make students liable for punishment. Littering on, near or in the dormitory, corridor, dining hall is strictly prohibited. Students are not allowed to keep junk foods with them for future use and consumption. Students are not allowed to loiter, embrace each other, join hands or keep hands in the pocket while moving. Students are fully liable to follow the Hostel Routine, Code of Conduct and Mandates of the school. Students are expected to wear a decent and unostentatious dress and maintain short and well-groomed hairstyle. The students are not supposed to sport mustache, beard and long sideburns. Voluntarily maintaining silence during mass gatherings like assembly, in the dining hall, inside the classroom, etc. is expected from every student. Indulging in loud talk and idle chat is inexcusably condemned. Punctuality is a must in the disciplined life pattern at the hostel. All students are expected to be in time for all sessions whether in school or in the hostel. All students are required to maintain the high standard of personal cleanliness and room cleanliness as well as the cleanliness of the surroundings. Students are not encouraged to keep any ready cash or valuables with them. Indecent use of kitchenettes, bathrooms, and toilets shall not be allowed. A student who has been suspended, restricted or advised to withdraw from the school/hostel for any reason shall neither attend classes nor live in the hostel. The students are not allowed to paste any posters, pictures, routines, etc. on the walls, doors, windows, etc. Before leaving the dormitory for class or any other activities, the students are supposed to switch off all the electrical appliances. General damage of the hostel properties will be the collective responsibilities of all residents and they will be required to make good such damage, if the students who caused such damage could not be identified. Students should not indulge in practices/activities, which may endanger their own personal safety as well as others. Students will be personally responsible for the safety of their belongings. Students are duty bound to report to the Block In charge/Hostel Coordinator/Superintendent in case they notice of any unwanted incidents or undesirable activity going on in the hostel. Students are not allowed to arrange any function or meeting within the hostel outside or within. Students are required to be conscious of the environment in which they live by keeping it clean, healthy and presentable. Students should take prior permission from the Block In charge/Hostel Coordinator/Superintendent, before taking any belongings out of the Hostel. Students are not allowed to enter the kitchen without any appropriate cause and permission. Any complaints/suggestion regarding food, water, other facilities, etc. should be brought to the immediate attention of Block In charge/Hostel Coordinator/Superintendent for corrective action.


Use your common sense and do not do anything which will bring you or your school into disrepute. Be a gentleman-Be Courteous, Considerate and Respectful. Treat others the way you like to be treated. Dress Code: The School attaches the great importance to modest and good dressing. Your dressing adds value to your personality, self-confidence, and self-worth. This saying is very instructive; “Dress the way you would like to be addressed.” We, therefore, implore you to abide strictly to the following dress code while you are a student of this noble institution. The School uniform has a most important role to play in the development of the School tradition, tone, and reputation – but only if it is faithfully worn by all members of the School. Parents are earnestly requested to provide only the correct items as set out in the clothing list and to ensure that the correct uniform is always worn to school. The school expects all students to be decently and corporately dressed and have Identity Card on them. Penalty For Violation of Code of Conduct: Any breach of the rules and regulations mentioned above is not tolerated. The Hostel and School authorities reserve the right to suspend, restrict, expel or even rusticate any students from the Hostel and the School at any time of the year if their behavior is found wanting. The School will consider any violation of these codes as a very serious one and severe disciplinary action will be taken against defaulters which may include a written warning, suspension, restriction or expulsion.

Note: Students will earn credits for compliance to the code of conducts, dress code, participating in school programs, satisfactory moral conduct, and service to the school community, exemplary behavior and excellence in sporting and extra-curricular activities.