Message from the Desk of Deputy Inspector General of Police

I am extremely pleased to extend my warm welcome and massive tribute to all students, teacher s, guardians, well-wisher and the concern stakeholders of NPS, Garuda, Rautahat. We should bear in mind that School is a place where a building block of human civilization is composed and hence the learning resources available in the website will certainly expand the horizon of knowledge at large. I believe that this school will be able to nurture and anticipate to student’s dormant potentialities to reach the peak of excellence.

Of course, it is to be considered that the customized learning moving beyond the dimension of lecture is must with the timely up dated better learning resources. In line with this, learning lesson from the manifestation of gained experience, it is to combine Einstein’s brain with the Buddha’s heart. It is well said “You can’t reach the top, unless you climb all the steps down” must become focal part of students' to nurture the good qualities of sound progress. I expect that the entire endeavor from school certainly assist our students to get things started right fro m the schooling to become the cherished citizens of the world having the prospective civility in them.

The specific effort and endeavors made by school so far in fulfilling its vision and mission are highly commendable. I expect high degree of team spirit, coordination and co operation between students, parents and school in the time to come as well. As it is well said, “The road to success is always under construction" I appeal the school and concern community to address the instabilities of competitive world strengthening students’ intensity as a profound source of inspiration.

Let us all elevate a progress to enhance the excellence in education and uphold the rationale efforts accomplished for the all-round development. With this, I wish all the best to the school family and the concern stakeholder with a great deal of success.

Basant Bahadur Kunwar

Deputy Inspector General of Police,


School Management Committee