A Brief Overview of the School

Nepal Police School is a non-profit making residential cum day-boarding school established in the year 2058 B.S. under the welfare program of Nepal Police Organization. The School runs from Nursery to class X in its own complex spread over nearly 5.5 Bighas of land by late Rup Narayan Sah and Mrs. Pasupati Devi Sah. This school is linked with Birendra Highway 20 KM. South of Chandranigahapur at the place called Jingadiya, Garuda, Rautahat. This School has been established with the motto of providing quality education to the children of police personnel as well as the civilians of the nation. The school aims to not only to produce academically sound scholars but also aims not only to produce, dutiful, disciplined, skillful and creative ideal citizens to the nation. With the grand and outstanding result of first S.L.C Batch of 2063, 50% Distinction and 50% first Division (total 26 students), this school has been a unique Land- Mark gift of Nepal Police to the People of Terai and Nepal at large. Academic Aspect Well – trained, experienced, dedicated and qualified teachers have been appointed from all over the country. Maximum 40 to 50 students are taught in one section. Special care is given to the weak students. We follow the curriculum and guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education.

There are Library, Science lab, Computer lab, and Counseling unit in the school which help the students to fulfill their aim. The School runs various academic activities to explore the inherent potentialities of the students. Weekly, monthly, terminal and final tests are conducted to the students effectively to examine the strength and weakness of the students and test them accordingly. Remedial Coaching classes will be taken effectively for the hostel students and even for day boarders. Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) Apart from academic aspects, the students are encouraged to participate in Educational and Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) which include quiz contest, debate, elocution, extempore speech, project works, practical field visits, music and dance performances, P.T., various games and sports activities, meet and competition. The school manages educational excursions and hilly tours for the students to different places of biological, cultural, historical and national importance. ECAs not only provide entertainment and joy but also help students develop their skills and inner talents. Every morning during Assembly period our students are trained and allowed to explore their skills like drama, news reading, anchoring, speech delivering, poem reciting etc. on a rotation basis from class Nursery to ten, we inspire the students to be creative. The students take parts in the plantation, sanitation and social –evils eradication programs within school premises and nearby villages. Transportation Facilities The School lies in between Chandranigahapur and Gaur. The community people of Rautahat want to send their children with hope to have the quality education in this school. But they have no easy transportation. The School is providing transportation facilities of bus Gaur, Kathariya, Garuda, Shivanagar, Chandranigahapur and vicinity villages of Birendra Highway. This is a Great help to the day- boarders. Medical Unit The School has a health Care Medical Unit with the doctor and medical assistants ready to serve 24 hours to the students. Hostel Facilities

The school has a separate hostel for boys with all required facilities such as library, study rooms and recreational materials. There is a team of Hostel Superintendent and House Teachers who take care of the students 24 Hours. Besides this, the hostel provides efficient and timely medical services, Students get fresh, Hygienic and balanced diet. The Hostel has a very warm and homely environment. Admission Criteria and Procedures Admission priority for boys in the hostel will be given to the existing students who are already admitted to the school. However, the following criteria and produces will be strictly adopted for admission in the academic year 2075. Admission to Both Day- Scholars and Boarders will be on fifty-fifty bases to the children of Police Personnel and the Civilians. Priority to Day –Scholars admission will be given to girls than boys. Entrance tests will be given for new entry. Possibilities of admission enrollment depend entirely on merit basis and on the basis of availability of seats. Application forms, School Prospectus, Clothing list, and details and other information will be available from the school office. School Rules and Regulations In order to uplift and maintain the standard of the school the following rules and regulation are strictly adopted and enforced. All students must attend school in neat, tidy and complete uniform and with proper haircut. Students should be regular and punctual. A Letter of absence duly signed by the parents/guardians must be sent to the class teacher or the principal. Students are not allowed to bring any expensive jeweler unauthorized articles, comics of film magazines and money to school. Fees or payment should be made only to the authorized person in the accounts, and obtain necessary official receipts immediately.

Students are not allowed to go out of school compound during school hours. If a parents/ guardians want to withdraw his/her ward, prior written information to the principal’s office will be a must. A number of full and partial scholarships will be available to outstanding, brilliant, deserving and needy students. However, to this effect, both educational performance and moral characters are measured. The concerned parents and guardians are requested to follow the school rules, regulations and the school calendar until and unless the school gives pre-information for any alteration or change of programs.