Message from the Desk of Chairperson

It encompasses me the extensive pleasure to note down some of my reflection on behalf of Nepal Police School, Garuda, Rautahat to the platform of its website. It is to set up students a keen social-conscience and the competence to make decent decisions and effort to expand prolific connections with the parents and the society. I am proud to be far above the ground performing school of first choice for all the families within the community and the nation at large. I expect that this School certainly assist students to get things started to become the cherished citizens of the world having the potential goodness.  

The pursuit of excellence encouraged at Nepal police School flourishes the creativity be of assistance the readers to know about today‚Äôs digital world through new perspectives. School is the place where responsible citizens are operated. It is to encourage students both rationally and socially to construct a great deal of a solid foundation of human values. Students often with dual character as good or bad and the right education from school should conquer the bad tendencies and cultivate the good in them. It is as an example of like and love of the flower. When we like a flower then we pluck it but when we love flower then we water it daily. It is therefore, NPS Rautahat explore the ample opportunities of sound progress of the students by loving to learn from heart. 

With this, the execution and endeavor made by school so far in pleasing its revelation and research are highly admirable. I expect high degree of team spirit, coordination and cooperation between students, parents and school in the days to come. Also, I request the school and related community to address the requirements of competitive world.  

Let us all elevate a crusade to enhance excellence in education and get evocative efforts accomplished for excellence in results. Conclusively, I wish all the best to the entire school family to cross many more milestones as a profound source of inspiration.

Dhruba Raj Raut

Senior Superintendent of Police


School Management Committee